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                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US


                What began in 1992 as a retail store with 3 employees has developed over 25 years into a sports turf manufacturing powerhouse. Our goals are fueled by a passion for excellence and executed by a team of 150 employees; covering everything from landscaping design, development and production, to professional manufacturing sales. As a leading artificial turf manufacturer in over forty countries around the world, SYS TURF effectively meets the needs of both lawn sports enthusiasts, and landscape designers from every walk of life.
                Producing more than five million square meters of artificial turf a year, all styles, lengths, and details are covered. From arenas, to airports, we cater specifically to local needs on a global scale. That is why our employees, customers, and cooperative enterprises agree that working with SYS TURF is a win-win situation for all involved.
                We achieve this with precise attention to details. Armed with state-of-the-art construction equipment, our trained team of professionals is constantly innovating, finding better ways to meet the needs of our customers. Even something simple like our grass wall paper has an army of enthusiastic employees working around the clock to make it the best in the world. Our pre-sale team supports our cooperative partners by providing assistance in venue construction, maintenance services, budget analytics and experienced marketing theory. We believe that just as important as the quality of our products, is the integrity and hard work that is made manifest in our relationship with our partners.
                Once the sale is made, we are really just getting started. We are dedicated to upholding the relevant services according to the warranty, and always work to improve our service and quality. In every aspect, SYS TURF is ready to provide for any and all artificial turf needs, and we can’t wait to show you how!


                CONTACT US

                CONTACT US

                Contact:Fiona Cai




                Add: Room 601, 4th Building, No. 89, Xingchuang Fourth Road, Xinwu District